Who We Are

Ridgeview Mennonite Church is a part of the body of Christ located in the rolling hills of Lancaster County, PA who have been called by God to learn and share together God’s love with all of creation. We are teachers and medical workers, entrepreneurs, laborers and technicians. We fall all along the range of ages from infant to aged. We enjoy regular times of worship and fellowship together seeking ways to connect to God’s activity in the world right around us and across the globe.

Ridgeview strives to be a place of healing and hope where we walk with one another throughout the ups and downs that life can bring to us. We acknowledge our fallen nature yet seek to live in the joy of salvation offered to us through Jesus. We are varied in our life experience, our interests and perspectives but are united by the breadth of God’s abundant love for all. It is our hope to reflect God’s great love in our interactions with any who find their way to our fellowship.

We are a part of the Christian stream of faithfulness known as Anabaptism and more specifically are joined with others into the denomination of Mennonite Church USA. As a part of that denomination we work with congregations in the Atlantic Coast Conference to support one another and to build the kingdom of God in ways large and small.

Called by God to Learn and Share Together God's Love with all Creation